Blunts are trustless funding rounds where contributors can get refunds until a round is closed successfully

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How it works

A set of rules guarantees that all Blunt rounds behave the same way, and allows fundraisers to start a round in seconds.

Blunt rules

  • Pay ETH in exchange for tokens to become a round contributor
  • All funds raised are refundable until a round is closed and the fundraising target has been reached
  • A target and hardcap can be set to limit the minimum and maximum amount to raise in a round
  • Once the deadline is reached rounds cannot accept any more contributions
  • Rounds without deadline can accept contributions until they're manually closed by their owner
  • When a successful round is closed, ownership of the project is given to the round owner who can then manage the raised funds on Juicebox
  • Blunt takes a fee only from successful rounds in exchange for BLUNT governance tokens. The fee varies between 1,5% and 3,5% of total amount raised (excl. 2,5% Juicebox fee) so the more you raise the less you pay

Blunt is built on the battle-tested Juicebox protocol